Dru’s Unique Restorative Flow Creation

Joins the union of body and spirit, movement with breath, and yourself with the community through meditative guidance. Restorative flow is a practice that works to promote mental focus, cope with stress and anxiety, increase flexibility, calm the nervous system, create better sleep habits and balance emotional patterns. She focuses on connective tissue movement and building a relationship with conscious breath in an effort to unwind, relax and recalibrate to operate at our highest self in all dimensions of our lives.

  1. One Hour of Practice

  2. Five Minute Meditation

  3. Gentle Hands On Adjustments & Aromatherapy Head Massage

*Suitable for all levels*

Flow State Sound Healing

Immerse yourself in a mind-expanding Sound Journey through feelings of energized focus as Dru lay down vibrational healing sound frequencies to calm the nervous system, cope with stress and anxiety, release energy blockages within the body, align Chakras, create better sleep habits and balance emotional patterns.

Flow State Sound Journeys Include:

  1. 432hz Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Acoustic Guitar, 432hz Native Flutes, Meditative Drums, 432hz Saturn Gong, Kalimba, Tibet Bowl

  2. Aura & Energy Incense Clearing, Crystal Gridding, Aromatherapy Head Massage

  3. Melodic Mantra and Heart Opening Discussion

*Accepting Payment: Check, Cash, Paypal, Venmo*